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When family law becomes litigious, the situation can get extremely expensive very quickly. As a result, many people end up filing for bankruptcy in the wake of these times. If you or a loved one is considering bankruptcy as a means of financial relief, it is critical to understand your rights.

While filing for bankruptcy during or after a divorce proceeding may affect property division/distribution issues, it is important to realize that child support and spousal support/maintenance/alimony are not dischargeable. These payments are obligatory and cannot be evaded by filing for bankruptcy protection.

If you or someone close is seeking bankruptcy in conjunction with family law issues, an attorney can provide expertise and understanding of all possible logistical issues.

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Because the Law Offices of Andrew C. Marine has been working on bankruptcy issues for more than a quarter of a century, the team at the firm is able to provide the comprehensive knowledge necessary to work through bankruptcy issues relating to family law. These kinds of issues, even more so than normal bankruptcy issues, are incredibly time-sensitive. Actions or lack thereof can have significant impact. It is incredibly beneficial to reach out and schedule an initial consultation as soon as possible.

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