Bankruptcy Myths & Misconceptions

Aiken Attorney Addressing Bankruptcy Myths

When it comes to bankruptcy law, there are seemingly innumerable misconceptions about the process. In actuality, bankruptcy will very likely enable you to keep:

  • Assets
  • Wages
  • Alimony
  • Your home

You may even have a great credit score in less than two years. In actuality, after discharging debt, many people are able to start qualifying for credit offers, including prime rate mortgages if they take ideal financial action. Bankruptcy is an immensely powerful option for discharging debt and recovering financial freedom, but if you or a loved one has questions about the process, it is critical to have a full understanding. A skilled legal team can provide precisely this.

Addressing Bankruptcy Misconceptions

With more than a quarter century of bankruptcy experience, the Law Offices of Andrew C. Marine is ready to help you fully understand your bankruptcy options and which ones are ideal. The team can efficiently and effectively help you pursue a resolution that will get you a fresh start on financial life.

It is, however, important to note that debt will not go off a credit report. Credit reporting agencies are third-party agencies, and bankruptcy is often reported on a credit report. Bankruptcy filing has nothing to do with a credit report. It can discharge debt, but not information on a credit report.

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