Real Estate

Representing You From Start to Finish

The Law Offices of Andrew C. Marine represent buyers and sellers in completing residential and commercial real estate transactions.

However, it is possible that many problems can arise if you fail to perform each of the appropriate steps in a real estate deal, and buyers and sellers who are inexperienced in real estate matters can run into trouble. Attempting to complete a real estate sale without competent representation from a real estate attorney can cause future problems, such as title defects, which can jeopardize your legal interest in the property.

As a real estate attorney, Andrew Marine offers meticulous representation and works with buyers, sellers, mortgage companies, banks, and realtors to ensure that all deals go smoothly. His real estate practice encompasses:

  • residential and commercial real estate closings
  • obtaining title insurance
  • drafting transaction documents
  • working with mortgage companies and realtors to complete transactions
  • title searches
  • refinancing
  • home equity loans
  • bonds for title
  • lines of credit

Selecting the Right Real Estate Attorney

South Carolina state law requires that an attorney perform the closing of all real estate transactions and all details of a home equity line of credit. When choosing a real estate attorney, make sure you feel comfortable working with your attorney through the entire transaction. Also, it is essential to hire a lawyer who analyzes the details of your agreement and drafts documents that incorporate all terms of your transaction.

Mr. Marine performs all of these functions, and unlike many lawyers, he personally drafts the requisite documentation and performs title searches, which also allows you to avoid the additional costs of a title abstractor.